Swallow Tattoo Meaning

The swallow tattoo has many different symbolic meanings, some positive and some negative. The meaning of this tattoo depends on who is wearing it. Here are the meanings of the popular swallow tattoo: Hope, Strength, Wealth, Success, Spring, Speed, Agility, Good Luck, Good Omen, Danger, Family, Youth, Bad Omen, Love, Fidelity, Devotion, New Beginning, Rebirth, Resurrection, Protection, Good Fighter.

As you now know, the swallow tattoo can represent many different things. The swallow can be represented as a good luck charm and represent bad luck. According to some, if a swallow is found flying in your house, it is a sign of danger and bad omen. In contrast, many feel that the swallow symbolizes good luck and they are worn for protection. You may see some swallow tattoo designs with rolling dice, cards, poker chips, and other symbols of a gambler.

Swallow Tattoo Meaning

You may have noticed that there are many different people that have two swallow tattoos. Those who wear two swallow tattoos can represent freedom. The swallow is free in nature and able to go where ever they want. Swallow tattoos on the fist represent someone that is a good fighter. The swallow tattoo has also been considered a prison tattoo. In the prison system, swallow tattoos are used to represent white power. This stands as a racial type of tattoo that shows you are only affiliated with the white race.

Swallow tattoos also hold symbolic meaning according to how the swallow is portrayed in the tattoo design. For example, a swallow tattoo with a flower in the beak represents spring. A swallow tattoo showing the swallow flying is believed to represent good luck. This tattoo can also represent good intentions.

Swallow tattoos have a strong connection with to the life of sailors. In the past, seafaring was a very dangerous calling and any sailor that could show one or even two tattoos depicting this bird was considered strong, reliable and experienced. They also had a different function. People used to believe that if a sailor drowned, these birds would help deliver his soul from the depths of the ocean up to the heavens. Yet another symbolism is based on a very logical assumption – the sight of them usually meant the proximity of land. It meant hope for a safe return home.

Swallow Tattoo Meaning

In addition, because the swallow is a bird that chooses a mate for life and will only nest with that mate, tattoos featuring two swallows are often meant to represent true love or soul mates. Some people get swallow tattoos as a symbol of fidelity and loyalty, either to family, a very close friend, or a loved one. In fact, Egyptian love poetry declares the meaning of a swallow bird tattoo to be the dawn of a new love.

Some people believe the meaning of a swallow tattoo is overcoming an obstacle or struggle, or surviving some sort of hardship in life. Along the same lines, many people interpret the meaning of a swallow tattoo to be that the person has been to prison and served his “bird”. This swallow tattoo meaning originated in British prisons and correlates with the term “jail-bird,” which is also related to freedom.

Swallow Tattoo Meaning

Swallow tattoos found on older, tough men are often meant to represent strength and power. Back in the day, men used to get swallows tattooed on the backs of their hands if they were known as a fast, strong and vicious fighter. This swallow tattoo meaning in England or Australia stood for “these fists fly,” and became a sort of symbol for working class pride – fast fists.

Swallow tattoos come in a variety of different designs, colors, and sizes. Due to all the symbolic meanings, it will leave you with many different options to weigh out before you choose a design. Swallow tattoos can be portrayed with clovers, hearts, stars, flowers, banners, locks, and much more. Before you make a final choice on your design, make sure you do your research. Look over what this tattoo stands for and represents. Try getting a tattoo that is unique and meaningful to you.

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