Tribal Tattoo Meanings

Tribal tattoos have become extremely popular and they are the most common form of tattoo that people like to wear nowadays. Tribal tattoos originated from ancient tribal art on the body that depicted different qualities of the tribesmen. They were also representations to distinguish different tribes. So, today tribal tattoo meanings are still kept alive through this body art that is commonly worn on the arms, shoulders, neck, back and calves.

Here are a few styles and examples of tattoos that are drawn till modern day to depict different factors and attributes. Tribal tattoo meanings can be comprehended better by understanding their origins. The tribal tattoos went from being just a body art to a symbol of relationship with the god or to magical powers. The marks on the body also indicated a vision or a trance state. This relationship was established on the basis of the pain and permanence that is linked to tattoos.

Tribal Tattoo Meanings

Also, the loss of blood, a source of life, was also a sign of a mystical transformation of this art to a meaningful state. In the ancient times, there were various tribal tattoo meanings and different forms were used for numerous different motives.

Firstly, the tattoos were made on the body as an identification of being a part of a group, tribe or a clan. The tribesmen strongly believed in this relation because they had the conviction that the marks will help them in finding their families and tribe in the afterlife and they will reunite because of them.

These tribal tattoo meanings are still being employed today by gangs, fraternal orders and military group as being a recognizable mark of their fellows. tribal tattoo meanings from the old times also clarified and revealed marriage and a couple. The men and women wore a marriage tattoo which was the old substitute of wedding bands. This too meant that the pair will be able to recognize each other in the life after they died in this world. It is significant that the tribal tattoos are still common amongst many people these days.

Tribal Tattoo Meanings

Couples get matching armband tattoos, or rings or the names of their significant others tattooed on their bodies as a witness to the love. Moreover, there were many rites of passage linked to them and the tribal tattoo meanings of these represented completion of many rituals or missions. For instance , adolescents would undergo the prick and pain of a tattoo before being declared as adults who will be socially accepted. The women who could not bear the pain linked to a tattoo represented weakness and they were declared unfit for childbirth and even unacceptable for marriage.

Moreover, men who did not have tattoos marked on their bodies were not taken for battles or hunting because they were deemed as being weak. Similarly nowadays, many teenagers wait eagerly to hit the age of eighteen so they can get tattoos on their body as representations of their qualities and strengths. The animal tattoos had different depictions too. The tribal tattoo meanings of animals like the lion, tiger or tigress were representations of bravery and courage. The scorpion symbolizes the guardian from evil spirits.

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